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consumers4wga's Journal

Consumers Support the WGA
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An organized effort to push major companies to help end the 2007 writers' strike
If it's all about the money, we'll make it all about the money.

People begin to move quickly and purposefully only when someone goes for THEIR pocketbook.

Since the writers and many other workers connected to the various productions are already feeling the financial crunch we need to press the major companies who buy ad time during these programs to get involved now.

Tell them loud and clear they need to put pressure on the people they pay to sell their things - people refusing to pay others a fair wage. Or we as consumers may decide not to pay them by not buying their goods.

Every company understands:
" I won't buy your stuff and I'll tell everyone I know not to buy your *STUFF* until you make this right. "

If it's all about the money aren't the advertisers the ones with the power to push TPTB into real negotiations?

They need to know pumping money into a system that refuses to pay people for their work is unacceptable to us as consumers.

They need to know that if they choose to turn a blind eye to what is taking place we will be forced to turn a deaf ear to whatever it is they want to sell us.

The project

Because sustained unrelenting forward momentum is impossible to ignore, THIS WILL BE A DAILY TASK for all willing to take up the challenge.

Each day at 11:04pm EST email addresses for customer service at four major companies advertising heavily on network TV will be posted right here.

Over the following 24 hour period we will flood their mailbox with concerned consumer letters.

Important things to cover in your email to each company each day!

1. Say something nice! - YOU are the paying customer they NEED to keep so do everything you can to keep a positive tone. Start with a subject line that says something about their product(s).

THEN start your letter by telling them something positive about them or their products.
~ " I love my Chevy car. " " Target is my favorite store " " I've been using your * insert wireless company here * for 5 years "

*** Give them reason to believe you are a customer they can count on and keep. ***

2. Make it personal - Seeing you as a person with purchasing power makes them more willing to listen to what you want to say.

~ Tell them who you are. Give them a name, city and tell them if you have children. Stuff yourself into their demographics.

AGAIN you need to make them see you as a customer as much as a strike supporter

3. Voice your disapproval at their pouring cash into an industry that doesn't pay people for the work they do in the most positive way you can. Tell them you're disappointed in them. Tell them you know they're better than what they're doing. Tell them you know they can make a difference. Tell them stepping up and making a difference will earn your loyalty and your money.

4. Tell them VERY CLEARLY what you want them to do!
** Everything works best when there is a specific task requested. Don't leave it up to them to figure it out or guess.


~ You expect them to get involved using their considerable financial influence to see that this strike is settled before December 25th, 2007.

~You expect to hear back from them in some form.

~An individual or public vow to do what they can to help end the strike will earn your consumer dollars and loyalty.

While that sounds like a lot of work four times each day remember you can make a form letter (consider sitting down and whipping up the best letter you possibly can as an homage to all the writers have given us) that contains all that information to one degree or another, only changing a few items here and there each day to send your four letters.

It's not easy but it's worth it.

That's the deal!

Stop back here EVERY NIGHT after 11:04 pm EST snag the companies of the day's addresses and add your consumer voice to this strike.

Here is a copy of my own personal form letter, a letter I will customize to fit each company daily, as an example.

Dear MasterCard Worldwide,

I'm writing you this letter in regard to advertisements for your company I see on my television on a daily basis.

I am currently a MasterCard customer. Because my personal bank card carries the MasterCard logo I see your companies logo passing through my hand on nearly a daily basis this time of year. I know, trust and respect MasterCard.

Because it's important for you to know who I am, my name is Pamala Stevens and I live in a suburb just north of Detroit, Michigan. I'm married with two children. I am 42 years old and run an elementary school cafeteria. My husband, an accounting manager in the health care industry, is 46. We have two children, a girl 13 and a boy 10.

My family is the picture of the middle America consumer. We have two cars, three TV's, four cell phones and a home filled with things purchased wisely with money we've worked hard to earn. Shopping in one form or another seems to be a constant in my life. While the money I spend is a drop in the ocean to a large company it is what I use to care for my family and therefore is very important to me. Because of that I expect a lot from those who want my business.

I'm writing you this letter because I support the current Writers' Guild of America strike. I would very much like to see this strike resolved as quickly as possible and believe that you as a responsible and respected advertiser should urge the networks you are paying a great deal of money to sell your services to settle this strike now.

It is currently very difficult for me to see your ads in a positive light when you are paying a great deal of money for ad time into an industry that refuses to pay others fairly.

Because customer service is important to you I will let you know the following items are what it will take to keep me a happy and loyal customer singing your praises far and wide.

1. I expect you to get involved and use your considerable financial influence to see that this strike is settled before December 25th, 2007.

2. I'd like to hear back from you on this matter. Let me know you've heard my consumer appeal and that you will earn my continued loyalty.

Thank you for your time, consideration and service.


Please feel free to take any parts you like, the whole thing even, and make it your own.