Back from the knife alive and well :o)

Seems really crazy to post here again but since a good number of people I met through this effort - all of them , YOU, always so kind and concerned - wanted to know I was okay I thought I'd drop a quick note to let you guys know I'm back home and recovering nicely.

If that's confusing it goes back to me saying often, as I kept getting sick over and over during the strike months, I was gonna celebrate the end of the strike with some surgery.

I was just joking at the time but as it turned out it was, althought not dangerous or anything to worry about... just old age my friends, something that required the knife so I really did get myself surgery to celebrate the strikes end.

All done now... and on the road to a new and improved Pamala.
Thanks for all your thoughts when I was ill.

You're the best!
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The Final Post! - Please take a moment to read.

As the writers return to work - pound those keyboards proud and true my friends - I offer one last post.

For SEVENTY FOUR days I offered one advertiser after another for you to send letters of consumer concern to each night.

For SEVENTY FOUR DAYS we wrote lettter, after letter... after LETTER!

So many of you stepped up, helped out and worked so very hard helping to make our voice or support heard.

I'm touched and awed by what we did together.

While we'll never know what impact it really had we can all take comfort and pride in knowing - a valuable lesson I taught my lovely children through this project - we did our very best for the right reasons.

You guys are my heroes and I want to personally

My affection -- seriously I will never forget you guys and what we did together -- and gratitude aside I wanted to let you know I have decided to send that one last letter of thanks to each company myself.

You guys have worked so hard so long... I'll wrap it all up myself

In closing...
While I was never in this for anything but helping out in any way that I could I have been convinced by pals who know me *very well* that this is a very unique opportunity for me to make an appeal to folks I love and admire.

I've been collecting writers' autographs for just over 10 years.
YES! I said writers', always the writers, not actors! :o)

I've filled several boxes full of them down through the years and count them as some of my most treasured possessions.

While I can go on sending letters, something I surely will keep doing, to a lot of wonderful writers bit by bit I've decided to take this opportunity to make a mass appeal.

If you are a writer or know a writer I'd be thrilled to add another autograph to my precious collection through your generosity.

Any show, movie, anything at all because my love of writing and the talented writers who bring it to us knows no limitations.

While most of my collection at the moment is made up of scripts I'm equally giddy with a autographed single page or even a piece of signed logo letterhead.

Because I never want anyone to question my motives, be concerned I want them for any other purpose, I always suggest putting my name right across the front - I have a lot of scripts with a great big PAMALA across the front - to insure its for me and me alone.

I'm putting my mailing address (I'm way to mundane and everyday to bother with stalking so I have no fear there) under the cut.

Collapse )

If you are a writer.
If you know a writer you'd like to pass this on to...
Please know I'd be thrilled beyond words and oh so grateful to recieve a kind and thoughtful autograph to add my collection.

Thanks for everything...

And for the first time in a very long time...

I won't see you again here tomorrow night.

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Day #80 - Vote tomorrow

Hi guys,
I'm still out here waiting for the end.

I'm told there will be a vote tomorrow to see if the strike will be suspended prior to full membership ratification.

If the majority say yes the writers could be back to work Wed.

Please do not abandon me here as yet.
When they return to work I will be posting info over a couple last days that will make it possible for you to thanks these fine companies we sent letters too daily over the 77 days.

While we'll never know what impact our words had we need to be grateful they took the time to hear us and believe it mattered and helped.

With some luck this comm with close for good the end of the week.

Until then meet me back here each night.

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Not over until its over - Day #79

WGAE is holding a general membership meeting in NYC at 2pm EST today

WGAW is holding one at 7pm Pacific.

From what I'm hearing the strike captian meeting Friday was split just about down the middle, 50/50 at best, when it comes to support.

This thing ain't over until the majority of the members say its over so cross your fingers and hold off on popping any champagne corks just yet.

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Day #78

As we wait and hope for a fair and speedy end to this stike this week let me take this night to say thank you.

From me to all of you...

Thank you, each and every one of you, so very much for everything you've done to help me with this project over the last 78 days.

It mattered.

It helped.

It would be have been nothing without all of of you!


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Day #77

Hi guys!
Forgive me for being MIA. I got quite sick again. While I'm sure its nothing more epic that old age catching up with me it has had me flat on my back when not off doing annoying medical tests.

While its been a pain quite literally I have to say I'm relieved at the timing falling now as things are teetering on a possible end to this long painful strike.

I hate to drop the ball but at least I dropped it at a time when its been picked up and run with by the people who can end this thing NOW.

All that aside because of the potential for an end to this strike very soon I am not going to be giving you any companies at the moment.

Its not a done deal yet by any shot but for now we'll wait quietly to see what comes from these negotiatons and move forward here only when there is official word one way or another.

There is hope but we are not done just yet my friends.

If there is a deal I will be here asking you to take the time to send notes of thanks to all these fine companies kind enough to hear our pleas for the last 77 days.

If there is no deal... a deal that doesn't make the grade ... we will go right back to doing what we've done for the last 77 days night after night until its done and done right.

For now we wait and hope together.
Relax, watch for that official word and please keep coming back here night after night until its done.

Thank you!

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Day #76

There are a lot of *this stike is just about over* rumors flying around right now.

So far these are ONLY rumors so lets all stay calm, keep our feet on the ground and cross our fingers that a good and fair deal is one the way for the WGA very soon.

Things being what they are at the moment lets take the next day to catch up on any letters we've missed and come back fresh Sunday night.

Night all

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Day #75

My darling son was kind enough to share his virus with his loving mother.

Snow day with sick kid and sick Mom means I got nothing done today.

Take the night off.

Put your feet up, rest, and then meet me back here tommorow night for more letter writing.

Have a nice night.

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Day #74

Sometimes I pick these companies for the oddest reasons.

Tonight's offering is prompted by my sick little boys request for a burger and fries for dinner when he felt well enough to eat tonight.

Hey McDonalds,
Strike Ends + People Watching TV =
Lil boys asking Mom to go get them a burger and fries when they're sick.

Which is EXACTLY the kind of consumer loyalty you know you want from your advertising.

McDonald’s Corporation

McDonald’s Corporation
Mary Dillon, Executive Vice President - Global Chief Marketing Officer
2111 McDonald's Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

(p) 630-623-3000
(f) 630-623-5004

McDonald’s USA

McDonald’s USA
William Lamar, Senior Vice President - Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s USA
1 Mcdonalds Plz
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523-1911

Customer Care: 1-800-244-6227
Customer Feedback Form - Marketing/Advertising

Tonight's Writer Salute
From here on out I will offer up a writer to salute on each nights post. I'll post a short biography and a link to a given writers IMDB credit page each night in hopes we can share our love of quality writing together as we work towards an ending this strike.

I'll offer one, gotten some great suggestions and ask all of you to give me the names for all the rest in the comments.

The writing staff of your favorite TV show ... the writer of a beloved film ... you give me the name(s) and we'll salute their work.

Tonight's offering ....

Jonathan Glassner

Jonathan Glassner is a television writer, director, and producer. He is known for his involvement with Stargate SG-1 and The Outer Limits. Glassner was initially noticed as a writer for his work on Alfred Hitchcock Presents. After writing for several television series, including 21 Jump Street, Glassner moved on to The Outer Limits, which naturally segued into his involvement with Stargate SG-1 as a staff writer and executive producer. His most recent work is as a writer and director for CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, and other shows. He was also a Co-Executive Producer on the NBC show Heist and the FOX show Standoff, as well as for Sci-Fi Channel's The Invisible Man.

The work of Mr. Jonathan Glassner

Give me more writers names and meet me back here tomorrow night.

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Day #73

Recap and catch up night.
Here is a list of the links from the last weeks posts.

Go back, take a look, and email any company you may have missed over the last week.

Oscars Advertisers

JC Penny



Procter & Gamble

General Motors

We also did some praising of ads and advertisers connected to WGA supportive programing.
Sending positive letters feels really good so don't miss this opportunity.

Advertisers who ran ads during the SAG awards.
Unilever- Slimfast & L Oreal

Advertisers running ads in clips from The Late Show with David Lettermans currently available on line.
Kmart & Mastercard

Because I'm getting lonely out here I've come up with a lil something I hope will get visitors to this project talking more frequently. TALK TO ME!

I'd like to offer a writer salute on each nights post.

I'll post a short biography and a link to a given writers IMDB credit page each night in hopes we can share our love of quality writing together as we work towards an ending this strike.

I'll offer up the first here and ask all of you to give me the names for all the rest. The writing staff of your favorite TV show ... the writer of a beloved film ... you give me the name(s) and we'll salute their work.

My love of gifted scribes and top notch writing began with the great Billy Wilder. He is at the root of my love of writing and the start of a path that brought me here to you night after night.

Billy Wilder (June 22, 1906 – March 27, 2002) was an Austrian-born, Jewish-American journalist, screenwriter, film director, and producer whose career spanned more than 50 years and 60 films. He is regarded as one of the most brilliant and versatile filmmakers of Hollywood's golden age. Many of Wilder's films achieved both critical and public acclaim.

The work of Mr. Billy Wilder

Off to watch The Apartment, again!

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